Terry Irving is a 40-year veteran of Washington DC journalism, having worked for ABC News, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, and Retirement Living TV. Terry Irving started out in 1973 as a motorcycle courier carrying news film for ABC. This led to a strange but eventful career that included 7 years on the graveyard shift for Good Morning America News, 8 years on Nightline, 3 years producing Don Imus on MSNBC, and working for Fox News.


He has 4 national news Emmys along with a plethora of Peabodys, DuPonts, Tellys, and enthusiastic recommendations from the sort of reporters you read about in bold-print. He was also responsible (in part) for the idea of putting Don Imus on cable television, was a vice-president at three internet startups, and wrote the first newsblog.


Terry Irving has had a unique view on world events from being neck-deep in them. When he's not re-writing history, he works as an award-winning novelist.  After producing stories in Beirut, Hong Kong, El Salvador, and all 50 states, Terry stills lives right outside Washington, DC because his wife and children simply refuse to live anywhere else.


© 2016 Terry Irving

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Courier by Terry Irving
“Courier is a classic thriller ride! It’s the 70s, DC and Rick Putnam is the Vietnam-vet who is a motorcycle courier for a TV network. The conspiratorial undertones build as the tension is cranked up expertly by Terry Irving. The protagonist, Putnam, is one of the finest anti-heroes to have graced the pages of the thriller genre. Terry Irving captures the post-Watergate era brilliantly . . . loved it!”

J.B. Turner Author of HARD KILL and HARD ROAD
Warrior by Terry Irving
"Warrior takes off like a crotch rocket. Wounded Knee with more action than Custer s Last Stand and the intrigue of spy master David Ignatius novels. Philip Marlowe on the mean streets inside the beltway and the dusty dirt roads of Indian Coutry. You won t turn off the lights and even seat belts wouldn t help this rough ride.

ABC NEWS Producer John Herrick
The Day Of The Dragonking
"A clever, humorous fantasy..."

"Mystically powered terrorists unleash volatile magic on the world, turning Washington, D.C., into a politically charged fantasyland ripe for human sacrifice.
"A trio of suicide attackers with magical abilities bring down a 747 by summoning a dragon to rip it from the sky, using the hundreds of lives lost as a sacrifice to initiate the Change. The country morphs into a new landscape of swords and sorcery. Now computers and other machines are coming to life,
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